Vergadela Interiors creates interior design projects for private homes, as well as commercial and business places.

Our creativity which is inspired by the peculiarities of each project and customer, is the main driving force of our service to provide innovative and original solutions that confer each project a singular style, making each one into a surprisingly amazing and captivating place.

Our ethos is to create interiors influenced by the customer’s lifestyle and how they want to delight in their surroundings. Our multitalented skills are essential in order to understand and portray the desired aesthetics of customer’s needs, so that the design reflects and corresponds to the personality, lifestyle, tastes and expectations in each particular case.

Vergadela Interiors is comprised of a multitalented team of professionals that in every project aims to create a unique solution in the hope of leaving a trace of that which defines her and where meticulous care and attention to small details guarantees a unique and amazing result that always exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Isabel Oliveira
Interior Consultant

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