From basic sprucing up to deep overhaul renovations, our professional team will transform any space by mixing and suiting materials, furniture and fabrics.

Not only do we design interiors, our team also has the necessary skills in interior architecture and furniture design which allow us to provide a more effective personalization.


Briefing Development

The first step in the designing process, begins with an initial briefing in order to define what needs to be reviewed with the customer.
Whenever possible, we visit the location in order to obtain a first-hand impression, allowing us a more effective evaluation of intervention in the space itself.

Creation of the design concept

Keeping in mind the customer’s briefing a draft of the intended project is drawn up in order to be reviewed by the team.
It will be presented in 3D images showing how the space will look with all of structural modifications and the furniture layout.
Images and visual references are created in order to back up the initial steps of the intended project, showing the colour schemes, wall and window treatments as well as the fabric options and final touches.

Interior architecture

After the approval of the design concept, we move onto the detailed specification of the interior architectural aspects.
They include detailed blueprints for the bedrooms, living rooms, masonry and lighting.

Furniture and accessories

After the interior architectural details and layouts have been dealt with then a full interior plan is drawn up, which includes fabric samples, carpeting and wall paper in addition to furniture, and decorative objects and accessories.
At this stage we will point out the custom made objects according to each particular case.

Search and selection

Our objective is to find those special objects for your home.
In order to accomplish this, we work closely with a series of specialists, from the furniture manufacturer, the sewing and lighting studio, the artist and sculptor, executing all these unique pieces that enable all resulting in a perfect symbiosis.

Installation and final touches

This means that we manage the entire process from the initial design concepts through to the handover, and guarantee that each object arrives on time and is properly installed.
Our design team, follow all the steps to ensure that the concept developed is completed accurately, putting the finishing touches in every detail, in every note ... small gestures ... all the difference.

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